A few things I miss about quarantine


Editor, Claire Kunzier 

March of 2020 was a different breed of living. It was carefree, even though we all thought we were going to die, but also fun and creative because we had two weeks of being locked in our homes. Personally, I miss having a drama free two weeks, but that’s another story. So, here’s some things that we all have missed from our time in COVID-19 two week quarantine. 

  1. TikTok Trends 

The whipped coffee trend was an amazing time. The gross instant coffee and sugar, whipped to a foam, and topped on a glass of ice and milk took over popular culture. Amazon was backed up for a long time with people trying to buy instant coffee and milk frother, which created an even bigger issue for the USPS than we already had, but we didn’t care. Another trend that was actually so annoying was the “Bored in the house and I’m in the house bored” one. That wasn’t fun. 

  1. No school

While I love being back at school now, when we went into quarantine I was ready and needed those two weeks. Sophomore year was a lot of work and it really just vibed out my mood. Then those two weeks never ended, but hey we’re back at school now.

  1. House projects

The drive, the motivation we had for doing projects, specifically at our homes, was insane. I personally redid multiple rooms in my home and outside and enjoyed doing it. Now, I have no more drive to do any projects so that’s what’s up.

  1. SLEEP

I had a great time sleeping in and staying up late without any worries. Now I am always tired and actually need to go to bed on time. 

  1. The ignorance of the two weeks

WE THOUGHT IT WAS JUST TWO WEEKS. Now it’s a year and a half of this shit and it’s not gonna end until people start to do things about it. 

Yeah so that’s what I miss, if you miss something I didn’t include, sorry bby, I’ll catch you next time. 

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