Opinions on the final six in this season of “Big Brother”


Rayna Patel, Staff

Header Image: screenrant.com

Now that summer has come to an end, the “Big Brother” Season 23 finale is only a few weeks away. There has been a lot of controversy and differing opinions about this year’s season based solely on one alliance called The Cookout. The Cookout consists of six individuals: Azah Awasum, Xavier Prather, Kyland Young, Derek Frazier, Tiffany Mitchell and Hannah Chaddha, who are all Black.

The controversy surrounds a plan that Mitchell hatched within days of being in the “Big Brother” house. In all twenty-three seasons, there has never been an all Black final six.. Knowing this, Mitchell suggested each member in their alliance pair up with another houseguest outside of their alliance and sit on the block with them each week.

In all of my years of watching “Big Brother,” I have never seen a plan executed so well. The Cookout has worked together for months now and sent home every other houseguest this summer without being suspected as an alliance, which would surely prompt the other players to send their members home.

This week, The Cookout has succeeded in making “Big Brother” history as the first time the final six were all Black. Some have said  that this is “reverse racism” towards majority groups; however, I do not see it that way. In the past, the final six have been all white, but no one ever suggests those houseguests are guilty of racism. Groups of individuals who share similar experiences often couple up with other people like them. I see this as an alliance of people from similar backgrounds relating and working together just like people have in the past. I think this is a pretty neat display of unity, and I am so happy that I got to watch it unfold from ideas, to a plan, to reality throughout the show this summer.

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