La Salle to create the first Division One “Just Dance” team


Jessie Brain, Editor 

April 1, 2021

In 2009, Ubisoft created the iconic video game “Just Dance,” which has been loved by people all over the world as they attempt to dance along to their favorite songs. 12 years later, La Salle University became one of the first universities to create a Division One “Just Dance” team. All A10 schools will be creating “Just Dance” teams to start competing against each other in Fall 2021. According to potential captain Claire Kunzier, “As of right now, Saint Joe’s looks like our biggest competition. I heard Maddie Ziegler is going to be their first captain.”

La Salle’s first “Just Dance” team captain, Claire Kunzier

The “Just Dance” team was created by the new president, Frank Reynolds, as another way to attract potential students to La Salle. Instead of wasting money on creating this team, they should have just put that money into making the residence halls or the food better, which is probably a better strategy to attract potential students and retain current ones (but that’s none of my business). 

Kunzier also mentioned the try-out process, which will begin next week. Any student who is interested in trying out for this historical team can join Kunzier in the IBC on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. When asked about what the try-out process would look like, Kunzier said “first we will have all the potential dancers compete against each other by selecting a random song from Just Dance 2, and the winners will then have to beat my high score in the dance ‘Rasputin’ by Boney M.” 

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