Why does country music have a lot of award shows?


Claire Kunzier, Editor  

Country music is a personal lower level tier of music genres for me. I like a few songs, but also it’s never my first choice to listen to. A couple of weeks ago the Grammys were hosted and they honor all genres of popular music with categories to win against other genres and their own. Country music is honored in their own categories and against other top songs of the year; this goes for pretty much all award shows. But, what I don’t understand is why country music is so special to not only be in every regular award show but to also have TWO of their own award shows.  They have the Country Music Awards (CMA) and the American Country Music Awards (ACMA) as well as the country music hall of fame. It’s normal to have an award show for a genre, but two, along with several other events centered around one group of music? Someone give me the stats on why country music needs this many events.

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