Why do I love TikToker Aleena Shay a.k.a. Ma and Pa’s diner girl.


Claire Kunzier, Editor 

So my TikTok is not normal at all. I don’t think I’ve gotten a dance video on my FYP (for you page) since a year ago or a Sway Boy thirst trap ever. But, you know who I do get on my FYP a lot, Aleena Shay, a.k.a. Ma and Pa’s Diner or the mixologist that will literally put anything you ask for into a drink or, iconically, Ms. queef in a pan with a side of ketchup. Do I follow her? No, she actually is known to be not a good person and I do not want to increase her profit on TikTok. She is so very naive and cretinous that I cannot help but watch her trainwrecks that are her videos and laugh, for she genuinely made a video centered around someone ordering a queef in a pan with a side of ketchup. I have come to the conclusion that Aleena is someone I love and hate, for I would never be friends with her due to her actions, but I will watch from afar as she makes a slight fool of herself on the internet. 


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