Is this real life?


Claire Kunzier, Editor 

Who said, “It’s your spring break?!? Forget the pandemic and do what you want in FLORIDA.” Deadass who said it and can they STFU? As of March 16, it is one year since the COVID-19 pandemic altered the world and you think that you and all your friends can just ignore it because it’s your spring break or Saint Paddy’s day? That’s some stupid, entiled, brat bs that should be disliked by everyone. “But they’re young and this is ruining their 20s.” SHUT UP, I’m 20, I’m chilling not going to Florida or going to Scranton or Penn State and breaking guidelines put in place to prevent me from getting a life-threatening virus. I, like many other people my age, are waiting for their vaccine so that maybe, just maybe, I can go out to an outside bar this summer and not die or spread the rona to my family and let them die. 

Maybe it’s the fact that I have too many siblings to be spoiled and think I’m the most important person in the room or that my parents are smart enough to tell me no when things are stupid. Like why? Why do you get to be special and ruin everyone else’s 20s? Hear me out, if everyone actually spent two weeks at home just going to school and work, not partying and following the guidelines put out by the CDC wouldn’t things be better? Call me a rocket scientist, but I think it would help and then everyone can get vaccinated and things will slowly get back to normal. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong or maybe I’m right, I’m not entitled enough to think everything I do is correct simply because it’s me doing it. If you’re partying or on a not COVID safe vacation right now, call your parents and ask them why they didn’t tell you no and if they actually care about your health or not. 

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