Emily Allgair, Editor

Everyone you know has a specific walk. Whether they bounce with every step or glide with no sense of motion happening anywhere else, these types of walks become a way to identify people. I used to be really good at impersonating different people’s walks, but alas that time has passed. Now, I just recognize the walks from a distance and wonder where said person is off to. 

For those skeptical of how identifiable a walk truly is, I want you to put your imagination cap on. Think about this: it’s a random Tuesday in January. You are walking home from class when you see someone bundled up in a non-distinct puffer jacket and hat. You somehow, you immediately know it is your roommate. You could tell by the cadence of their steps, the way their arms swing back and forth as they trek, the way that they bounce (or don’t bounce) as they walk. You knew it was them by the sheer way that they walked, and that’s crazy!

People’s personalities influence so many aspects of themselves: mannerisms, appearance, even hygiene. But walking? Maybe I’ll do some research on how personality types impact walking patterns and link my findings in a future article…
Needless to say, walking is normal. But is there a normal way to walk when everyone walks their own specific way? Send me your thoughts at allgaire1@lasalle.edu.

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