Local sports editor mysteriously disappears after trash-talking local cricket superstar  


Enrique Carrasco, Editor

Ralph Smith, the sports editor for Central High School’s student-run newspaper, The Centralizer, has been reported missing. This report comes shortly after the Editor wrote an article trash-talking local cricket superstar Bur-a-boo Sockball and their loss in the cricket world cup, costing Sockball his entire career. Messages were later found on Smith’s phone showcasing an interaction between Sockball and Smith, where Sockball stated, “I am a lot more richer than you, and i can hit a ball very good… you are nothing”. Smith simply responded, “Please, sir, I’m only 15”. 

Authorities are confused about the nature of the kidnapping, seeing how Smith only made a simple report stating the outcome of his last cricket match. Size 9 footprints were found at the crime scene, next to a plunger and a Louisville t-shirt. 

The folks at The Collegian will continue to report on the issue as new information is brought to light. 

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