Tragic: You Have the Urge to Go to Treetops After Dark Only to Realize They are Closed on Monday Nights


Ethan McGlone, Staff

via La Salle University

You are sitting in your room on La Salle campus on a cold, bitter Monday at 10:30 at night, and you are starving. Wing Wong House on Ogontz Ave is now closed, so this is not an option for you. It is too late for Explorers Den and you are too broke for Explorers Den. Depression. However, the lightbulb floating above your head shone bright. “Didn’t I hear that Treetops is open for late nights?” This sentence continuously rings in your mind as you sit there silent, your mouth salivating at the thought of the possible dog food you could be consuming from Treetops Cafe.

Your mind has been made up; Treetops Cafe will be feeding you tonight. You go on the La Salle Portal to see the exact hours they are open for and the menu items you could choose from. Tragedy hits. After being redirected to “La Salle Dining”, you see the hours. Late Night. 9 PM to 1 AM. Your heart drops. Tuesday-Saturday. “What are the #@&%ing odds, bro.” You will not be having Treetops tonight. 

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