The Host With the Most?


Emily Allgair, Editor

At the end of last week, I got a text from my cousin out of the blue asking if he could visit for the weekend. Of course, I offered up our air mattress and went down to 30th Street with my roommates to pick him up, but it got me thinking. What is the right way to host someone in college? Especially someone who doesn’t know your roommates, friends, school, or city?

Like, we went to Reading Terminal, got a cheesesteak, of course, then we went back to our apartment and took naps. Exciting, I know. And my cousin was the one who said he needed a nap, but thank God he did because I wouldn’t have known what to do for those couple of hours. As we all know, there isn’t much to do in the daytime around here unless it’s to visit Frogro and that Game Stop that’s consistently locked up. 

He claims to have had a good time, and I attribute that to my gaggle of friends who had special showings of their personalities after the hour of midnight, but seeing as Homecoming is this upcoming weekend and I have a friend coming to visit, it got me thinking. What would you do to entertain people on this campus (besides the obvious pizza and Pepsi, as Father Frank would say, once it gets dark)? What have you done to entertain visitors on this campus? 

Should I show her the new commuter lounge? Maybe the miniscule view of the city that you can see in the back corner of Holroyd 355? How about the Packcity locker with our logo printed on it? If she seems bored, I could probably take her to the arcade games in Union. But actually guys, what do you show people when they come to visit? Feel free to send me an email with anything that may point me in the right direction, I’d really appreciate your input.

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