Living rent free


Claire Kunzier, Editor 

I wish you could literally live rent free, but sadly the only rent free lifestyle you can have is in someone’s mind. To live rent free in someone’s mind means that you are always a thought, a moment, a tenant in their mind and you’re not doing anything to cause it. You could have a history that you don’t care about anymore or it could be your friend’s significant other that you have no opinion on, but they have opinions on you, it could even be a stranger. If anyone cares that much about you and your life and you don’t care, you are living rent free. I lived rent free in my friend’s ex’s mind, FOR NO REASON. They always brought me up and thought I was going to do something and lowkey was a reason for several of their fights, when in reality I was just friends with my friend. If you have anyone living rent free in your mind, evict them. Why do you care? It literally does nothing, but causes emotional turmoil and can ruin relationships. Do what I’ve done and become indifferent, no one can live rent free in your mind if you focus on yourself and live your life. 

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