Should Nick and I do this?


Claire Kunzier, Editor 

So Nick and I are thinking of taking a trip. Well actually, Nick asked me if I would drive to Vancouver to see Charli XCX in concert, to which he responded “you have time, it’s in July.” Now we are seriously contemplating renting some sort of vehicle, driving up and then flying home, good idea? Here are some personal pros and cons to the idea we have come up with.


Charli XCX concert

It forces Claire to get her passport

A moment in time where we could best do it schedule-wise

At least 2 days worth of Nick and Claire time 

We could vlog it


Vancouver is cool 



Long drive (about 2 days)

High gas prices 

Flight prices 

At least 2 days of Nick and Claire time 

There’s concerts in the US, DC and Pittsburgh are the closest 

Claire has to get her passport asap

So yeah we’re in a predicament. Keep an eye out for what we do over the summer and send us your opinions,

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