A love letter to Toast


Emily Allgair, Staff

Dear Toast,

Firstly, I would like to just say thank you. For your emotional support, for feeding me when I am not fulfilled, and honestly, for everything. No matter how hectic life may be, the subtleness of your crispy bread and melted butter stands as a reminder to enjoy the simpler things of life, keeping me grounded. Whether I need a quick meal on the go, or I am getting over being violently ill, toast is the one thing I know I can count on.

So simple are you, and yet so complex can you become. White bread, wheat bread, whole grain. butter, avocado, jam. No matter what mood I am in, toast can bend to fulfill my desires — something rarely said about another food. Strong enough to hold an overeasy egg, yet light enough to be served on the side of most breakfast plates. A staple, if you will.

So thank you again, not only for what you have already done, but what you will continue to do. With the most sincere love and affection,

Someone who kneads you ❤ 

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