Someone I just don’t like. 


Claire Kunzier, Editor 

You are allowed to not like people. Point blank period, you don’t always need a reason to not like someone or to have a personal experience that would lead you to dislike them even more. You are allowed to not like celebrities you have never met, will never meet, nor truly have a reason to dislike them besides “you just don’t like them.”

That being said, I just don’t like Camila Cabello. I was a certain girl-group stan that a certain celebrity mentioned prior was in and left to make bad music on her own. I also know that she 100 percent is a shitty person and has shitty qualities about her personality that makes everything about her irritating. It’s like the same emotion that many people have for Lea Michelle, they are very similar, “I just don’t like you” energy. I will say, I will never make this distaste known beyond this article and word of mouth because just because you are allowed to not like people, doesn’t mean you are allowed to actively care enough about them to intentionally ruin their day. Indifference is key and guess what, Cabello has no idea who I am and doesn’t need to know that I don’t like her. I still don’t like her though. 

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