The OG top influencer 


Emily Allgair, Staff 

The chokehold that Bethany Mota had on the teens and tweens of the early 2010s was one like no other. She had us buying out all of the Dream Bouncy pink blush, BB creams and, of course, her Aeropostale line #Motivators. I’m not going to lie: I think about Mota on the regular. Her videos, her channel, her influence. I often find myself daydreaming, looking out the window wondering where the wind has taken Bethany Mota and what she is up to now. 

Somewhat recently, Bethany was on “Dancing with the Stars,” although she did not win. Currently, she is trying her hand at sustainable jewelry and was even the subject of a New York Times profile called “Can a YouTube Queen Like Bethany Mota Create a Jewelry Realm?” “Atom&Matter,” her brand, has teamed up with an ex-Tiffany & Co. designer. Definitely not what I would have expected, but still exciting nonetheless. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even drop some dough on a pair of earrings or necklace or something to prove my loyalties still lie with Macbarbie07. All I can say is that I hope that Bethany Mota is just as successful in her future endeavors as she was in the spotlight of YouTube in 2014, if not more. 

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