Former interim president of La Salle wrestles the Explorer | Foolegian

Foolegian, Satire

Nolen Kelly, Staff

Like the previous Club Quad events, Club Quad III was promoted for several months in advance. The main feud stemmed from The La Salle mascot, the Explorer’s, heel turn and betrayal of his friend, the former interim president of La Salle University, Francis ‘Frank’ Reynolds which began on an episode of “Just Next Door” when La Salle TV station manager Ellis presented Reynolds with a trophy for being the former interim president of La Salle University for less than a year, and the Explorer, his good friend, came out to congratulate him but cryptically remarked: “Less than a year to be a former interim president of La Salle, it’s a long time.” A week later on another episode of “Just Next Door,” Tonya presented the Explorer with a visibly smaller trophy for being “a chill dude with a decent vibe” and Reynolds came out to congratulate. The Explorer, but before the Explorer could speak, Reynolds ended up being the focal point of the interview. Annoyed by this, the Explorer walked out during Reynolds’ congratulation speech.

A week later on yet another “Just Next Door” segment, sophomore Aidan Tyksinski hinted he knew something about the Explorer but wasn’t telling. This infuriated Ellis and the two nearly came to blows before Tyksinski challenged that he could bring the Explorer in next week, asking Ellis “can you bring Frank in?” Ellis agreed and nervously asked Reynolds later on who agreed. The following week Reynolds was on “Just Next Door” first when the Explorer walked out with Ashley Howard, a long-time adversary of the entire student body. He announced himself to be the Explorer’s new manager. The Explorer then challenged Reynolds to a title match at Club Quad III and attacked him, ripping off his t-shirt and glasses.

In what was billed as the “biggest title event in La Salle’s history” the final match pitted former interim president and wealthy businessman Reynolds, defending the title of “Former Interim President of La Salle University” against the Lasallian mascot, the Explorer. The fans booed the Explorer heavily and pelted him and his manager Howard with trash as the two rode the cart to the quad where the match took place. In contrast, Reynolds, who walked to the quad, came out to a lukewarm ovation. Approximately two minutes into the match, Reynolds attempted to body slam the Explorer, but he was unable to lift the Explorer and nearly lost the match when the Explorer fell on him and almost pinned him. After the match had battled back and forth, the Explorer gave Reynolds an Irish whip to the far side of the ring and attempted a big boot on Reynolds, but Reynolds ducked it and came off the ropes to give the Explorer a clothesline to take him off his feet for the first time in the match. Reynolds then “Franked up” and scoop slammed the 143 lb (65 kg) Explorer before hitting the ropes and executing his patented trash can throw into a pin to get the win and retain the title of “Former Interim President of La Salle.”
The event received positive reviews. In the years after Club Quad III, the main event between Reynolds and the Explorer is regarded as one of the pivotal matches in the history of La Salle University, with Reynolds’ final bodyslam on the Explorer having become an iconic moment of both people’s careers as well as the 2020’s La Salle Wrestling on the Quad boom overall. Despite its historic importance, the match was also criticized for its quality. At the time, it received a negative four star rating from Enrique Carasco and the Collegian named it the “Worst Worked Match of the Year.” Commentary Editor Alina Snopkowski gave the match one star, stating “The match is not good in any way shape or form; but is one I completely appreciate for its historical importance.” Jakob Eiseman, also a writer for the Collegian, gave the match two stars in 2019, stating “Technically, this isn’t any good. However, I don’t think it’s nearly as bad as some people do.”

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