One month until Saint Patrick’s Day


Claire Kunzier, Editor

Header Image:, uncredited

GET YOUR GREEN BEERS READY. It’s one month away from the best holiday for Americans stealing other cultures’ things in order to make money!!! Forget Valentine’s Day, why be bummed that you’re single and surrounded by hearts when you can be drunk and “Irish dancing” with your friends. I am Irish, like if you were to go back to like the 1800s someone I am somewhat related to would’ve been in Ireland. Yo I like potatoes, beer and causing a ruckus, it’s in my genes. For those of you who were left alone this Feb. 14, just remember that the holiday based around aggressively drinking is right around the corner. I am excited and you might catch me at the Olney Transportation Center trying out my best Irish jig, decked out in green. 

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