Eagles launch program for female athletes


Kylie McGovern, Editor 

Header Image: NFL

To celebrate National Girls and Women in Sports Day, the Philadelphia Eagles announced a  female sports equipment donation and the creation of a high school girls flag football league, providing more opportunities for girls to participate in sports. The Philadelphia Eagles are launching the flag football league for female athletes in the Philadelphia area as well as donating the equipment for this league. The goal of this project is to encourage more females to be involved in sports, especially in a male-dominated sport like football. 

“This is a chance to really be first, go first in the league to support girls and women in this capacity,” explains Jen Kavanagh, senior VP for marketing and media for the Eagles. The Eagles tweeted that they are “committed to providing more access to sports for girls, we are donating $100,000 worth of female sports equipment to @LPFsports and have worked with local high schools to create the 1st Girls Flag Football League in Philly.” 

Leveling the Playing Field, Inc. (LPF) is receiving this donation from the Eagles to redistribute sports equipment to expand access and equity within youth sports and recreation programs in under-resourced communities — in this case, high school girls in Philadelphia. 

In collaboration with the NFL Foundation, the Eagles purchased $100,000 worth of sports bras for girls in need and 6,000 sports bras will be donated to every female athlete that needs one in the school district of Philadelphia. “While it may not be as widely known, sports bras are yet another equipment barrier that can prevent girls from under-resourced communities from engaging in sports and are one of our most requested pieces of gear. This incredible donation of new, quality sports bras is helping to break down those gendered barriers and get more girls from the Philadelphia community off the sidelines,” said Kaitlin Brennan, director of operations at LPF. 

The league will consist of 15 schools based on interest level across the city’s public and Catholic schools for an eight-game season — one of which will be played on the Birds’ home field: Lincoln Financial Field. Each school will receive custom uniforms from Nike and NFL, flag kits, including equipment and instructional materials and a $3,000 stipend from the Eagles for costs associated with the implementation of a team.

This new league, one of the first of its kind, is a huge step for female athletes everywhere. The Eagles team is creating an opportunity for females in sports and working to level the playing field. 

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