I want summer. 


Claire Kunzier, Editor 

It’s cold, like really cold, and I don’t want it anymore. If it snowed and it was a good snow, then maybe I would be enjoying myself much more than I am. As a beach person, I am dreaming of a hot day and a cold seltzer, but it’s just not reality, which is sad. At least if it snowed there’d be something I could look at that’s different and exciting, with the lurking possibility of a snow day, who doesn’t love this aspect of the cold. But, because we’re “special” none of the snow hits the ground long enough before rain or temperature spikes cause it to melt away. So until it snow-snows, I would like summer, right now. No more cold toes or waking up too late to start warming up your car and driving cold and blind from the ice buildup. Will it be really hot and sticky in PA in five months? Yes. Will I complain about it being too hot? Yes. But, I’ll be tan which makes it all worth it. 

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