Please stop wearing these costumes.  


Claire Kunzier, editor 

Why people still need to talk about this is astonishing to me. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. For literal decades people have poorly chosen tasteless costumes to wear for Halloween and costume parties in general, but our focus is on the holiday. Dressing up in a traditional garb or a controversial figure or as not your culture and/or race is not cool. No, Jessica, you would not look like a cute Native American in your Amazon costume because you are white. Jason, maybe don’t dress up like Brian Laundire because he literally murdered someone and it’s not funny. The idea that you can dress up as whatever you want really makes it seem as if there are no boundaries, but there are. You can dress up as something and be racist, homophobic, prejudiced and just overall offensive and it will be your own fault as to why this is an issue. Just use your brain when picking out your costume, please. 

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