Couples costumes do’s and don’ts

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Claire Kunzier, Editor 

As someone who has watched twenty years worth of Halloween single and not involved in a couples costume, I have the right to comment on this. Now if anyone wants to stop me from making it to twenty-one years, hmu. Anyway, there are definitely really cute costumes couples can do, but many choose to do the same ones that just aren’t it. So here are some costumes to give up on and some to upgrade to. 


Joker and Harley Quinn

We get it, you’re quirky and not like the regular couples, you’re “crazy”. STFU. The Joker in itself is overdone with Jared Leto wannabes getting your party city face paint and the cheap green hairspray.  IF YOU’RE NOT GONNA GO ALL OUT DON’T DO IT. This is the type of costume that is still really hot and cool when it’s done well, but if you don’t want to actually try then don’t do it. 


Robin and Starfire 

Now you can literally do so many superhero and or villain pairing couple costumes. A personal favorite is Robin and Starfire because it’s one, hot, two, not basic and three will get you compliments. At this point any other pairing would be great. 


Hugh Hefner Playboy bunny 

The iconic playboy bunny look is a solid go to for girls when they want to look hot, but girlies, your 150 lb wet bf does not match your energy. Also, Hugh was not a good guy and got with lots of his bunnies, idk what the move is with this one. 


Hugh Hefner Playboy bunny gender-swapped 

Now catch this. Gender bend it, it becomes much better. Just trust me, it is hot and will make you look much better as a couple. 


Barbie and Ken 

The classic. The iconic. The overdone. I am so sorry, but unless you look like the spitting image of Barbie and Ken, I mean fit wise cause you need to go hard in order to match the energy, then don’t do it. Yeah no one is gonna roll their eyes at this one, but you can do so much better.


Shrek and Fiona 

Again, any iconic relationship will do, but I think this one is supreme. Shrek is a crowd pleaser movie, you will get the likes especially if you go hard, but even a lowkey costume is good. 10/10 even on its worst day. 

Yeah so there are definitely many more that could be added for good and bad, but Halloween costumes are forever so do better. 

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