S’mores With Sophomores Event

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Sophomores on the Hasen quad enjoying the S’mores with sophomores event via @ @explorientation on Instagram 

Kylie McGovern, Editor 

On Thursday, Sept. 30 at 7 p.m. the Explorientation team hosted an event for all sophomore students on the Hansen quad called S’mores With Sophomores. On Thursday evening, sophomores were invited to gather around the quad to make s’mores together. This was a special opportunity for the class of 2021 who missed out on some first year engagement activities on campus due to the last school year being primarily online. Therefore, this event gave the current sophomores one of their first chances to safely gather as a collective class amidst the pandemic. This event’s goal was to give students the opportunity to mingle and meet each other in an in-person and on campus environment. 

The Explorientation team set up fire pits to roast marshmallows throughout the quad. La Salle University sophomores participating in the event were provided with everything they needed to make the s’mores including marshmallows, graham characters, chocolate, and sticks to roast marshmallows. Students then made their s’mores and spent time together under the lights of the Hansen quad. One sophomore who particularly enjoyed her experience at the S’mores with Sophomores event is Emily Beals. On Thursday evening, Emily, some other sophomore friends and her roommate set out to make some s’mores and to socialize with some other members of the class of 2024. Upon arriving at the event Emily noticed how nice the quad was set up for the event. She commented on the event saying, “it was super cute and great to both hang out with friends and see all different people I know from my year!”

Emily’s experience at this event was similar to many sophomores who enjoyed the event’s opportunity to meet members of their class and to enjoy a classic campfire snack of s’mores. 

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