Do you doodle on your notes?


Editor, Claire Kunzier 

I don’t know about other people, but I have a hard time just sitting in class. Call me quirky, but a bitch cannot just sit and take notes and actively listen without shaking my leg and/or doodling, both aggressively and lightly. When my attention is really poor, either due to lack of sleep, over caffeination and/or my brain doesn’t want to work, I tend to need an anchor to the classroom to prevent myself from mentally going off into the distance. Doodling has alway been my go to when I need to keep everything moving, also sorry to anyone who sits near me, my leg just doesn’t stop shaking. The drawing to the right is a monkey I drew during my 9:30 am class this past Monday, the class topic was journalism by the way. It started with his teeth, which I was going for a vampire, but his right eye was actually just a circle I drew that got in the way of my vampire vision. SO, he is now a monkey, of no particular species, and he’s angry, idk why, maybe someone wanted to fight. Then in my next class, where we were speaking about health communication, I couldn’t stop drawing sheet ghosts, as you can see in the picture on the left. I like the one with the heart, the vibe is just right with that one. Anyway, my point is I feel like I do lots of doodling on my notes and my classmates don’t. Do you doodle on your notes? If so, send them to me,, and we can start exchanging our favorite doodles. 

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