Looking for love via Adam Sandler


Editor, Claire Kunzier 

Our king, the OG dad personality (shout out “Grown Ups,”) Adam Sandler filmed at Tom Gola for his upcoming movie for Netflix. Now, people were very excited last week and some even got the honor to talk to our esteemed guest, as well, some students sent many direct messages to Mr. Sandler inviting him to bars and wishing him a happy birthday. However, I think there’s something we missed out on. We were searching to be friends or to work with Sandler, but we should have gone through him to get to his single, RICH, friends. This man knows everyone in Hollywood and more than likely knows a large amount of single men and women, so if he is still on campus, people need to work on getting through him to his single friends. Someone work on that for me kk thanks.

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