Goals for the summer.


Claire Kunzier, Editor 

I have few goals set in stone for life in general, but many carved into stone like the 10 commandments for the summer of 2021. First of all, I’m double vaxxed, I will be having a social life with my friends who are also vaxxed, all of you who aren’t vaxxed stay away. Second, I am turning 21, so you know things will be messy and I will be looking for the beach all summer, shout out Snooki. Third, I will be tan, this is a given, but I have to throw this in here so people know what’s coming after I bake all day in the sun. Fourth, I am trying to remember everything and nothing at the same time. Make all the fun memories, but also have no idea who I am half of that time, very “Hangover” esque lifestyle. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH ME, go away. IF YOU DO AGREE WITH ME, come here and let’s look for the beach while on it. 

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