City of Philadelphia announces new COVID-19 dining guidelines as summer approaches


Kylie McGovern, Editor 

Outdoor dining in Philly amid the coronavirus pandemic

Diners in Philadelphia take COVID-19 precautions. WHYY

On Tuesday, April 27 the City of Philadelphia’s Health Commissioner Thomas Farley announced new COVID-19 guidelines. Farley said, “The epidemic wave may be starting to decline. So the fact that they’re declining through the entire region is a hopeful sign for Philadelphia.” Therefore, as the summer approaches and the spring semester winds down, La Salle students and Philadelphians alike can enjoy less strict COVID-19 guidelines in regards to dining in Philadelphia. These new guidelines have been put in place given that more Philadelphians have been vaccinated and more will be vaccinated in the coming weeks. Over one-third of adult residents in Philadelphia are vaccinated. Beginning May 7, Philadelphia will allow indoor catering events and more relaxed dining guidelines. 

Indoor catering events like weddings have not been allowed in over a year in Philadelphia forcing many couples to postpone or cancel their weddings. But, starting May 7 these types of events may be held within the city. These events must be capped at 75 people and may only use 25 percent of a venue’s occupancy. A new announcement is to come about an increase of guests from 75 to 150 on May 21. As for restaurant dining, indoor dining may increase from 25 percent occupancy to 50 percent occupancy. Restaurants with approved ventilation procedures may move from 50 percent to 75 percent. In addition, maximum table size can increase from four to six people, and not all diners at the same table have to be from the same household. The only change for outdoor dining is in regards to table size. Per the new guidelines, outdoor tables can accommodate 10 guests which is in line with state guidelines. These guidelines are indicative of the city of Philadelphia making progress amidst this pandemic and a step forward for businesses and citizens alike.

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