What’s Trending — Week of April Fool’s


Jeriann Tripodi, Staff

Header Image: Twitter

Ariana Grande will change name to Ariana Venti if petition gets enough signatures

One fan tweeted Ariana Grande and asked if she would change her last name to “Venti” if he started a petition and got 100,000 signatures. Grande replied to the tweet, and stated that she will gladly change her last name to “Venti” only if the petition gets no less than one million signatures. 


Bob Saget wished he chose La Salle

During a recent episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” actor and Temple alum Bob Saget shared one regret he has: he wished he would have chosen LaSalle for college. The Philadelphia native told Jimmy Kimmel that although he loved his alma mater and learned a lot there, he wished he would have chosen the “coolest college in Philadelphia.” 

Page Six


One recent college graduate’s personalized cap went viral and caught the attention of many people, including rapper Post Malone. The young graduate designed her cap by gluing on a picture of the rapper alongside the words “POSTPONE MALOAN,” suggesting in a comedic way that she wants her college student loan postponed. Post Malone shared this image, and announced that he is randomly selecting 50 winners who tweet “#POSTPONEMALOAN” and will pay off their student loans.  


Josh Groban and Joel Osteen are related 

One Twitter user went viral after tweeting side by side images of singer Josh Groban and television preacher Joel Osteen. She confessed that she sometimes confuses the two men due to their similar appearance. Replies poured in, as others tweeted that the two men look so similar they must be related and do not know it. Curious fans then did a little digging and found that the two were indeed related. According to Ancestry.com, Groban and Osteen are distant cousins. 


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