La Salle to replace the beloved Union Starbucks with a Long John Silver’s to help promote Lent


Jessie Brain and Claire Kunzier, Editors 

Starbucks will be no longer once Long John Silver’s is placed in the main Union location at the end of the 2021 spring semester, removing one of two cheap, edible options for student meals. The decision was made after the University faced backlash over leaked images of Christian Brothers eating meat on Fridays during the Lenten season. Those who were photographed will not be named to protect their image, but do know that they were caught red handed. 

This change confused many because they one, didn’t know Long John Silver’s was still a thing and two, believed the conspiracy theory that the chain restaurant is a front for a drug ring money laundering operation. Not very Lasallian of them, but the ability for all, looking at you brothers, to eat fish meals whenever during Lent is more important than potential illegal matters. Reports say that Starbucks Brandon is rather upset with the change, but when we reached out he declined to comment. Does it smell fishy to you…….guess what brother did it and maybe if we get enough correct answers we will reveal the culprit, email us. 

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