Biden is now in a wheelchair, eating meals through a straw, still holding the office of president, if you question this you’re a fascist


David O’Brien, Editor

Business Insider
Joe Biden after asking where President Coolidge is, what he was doing in the Oval Office and where he could get a new ice cream cone.

President Biden has been emulating liberal icon FDR since the beginning of his presidency. While he originally channeled the former president through passing legislation with similar policies to the New Deal and hosting fireside chats, he has now begun to mimic another aspect of the second Roosevelt’s presidency. After verbally berating a constituent for asking what he would do about bringing back blue-collar jobs followed by saying a bunch of gibberish and slumping over, he was taken to a doctor for a “perfectly normal routine check-up.” Since then, he decided to spice up his look as the new FDR by being wheeled around the White House in a wheelchair. The press secretary claims there is nothing to worry about, Biden simply wants to show the public that he is a true advocate for helping the disabled. Since then, Jill Biden (who we all know a bizarre amount of information about especially since none of us knew that much about Melania) and Vice-President Kamala Harris have been speaking on his behalf. The dynamic girl-boss duo claim nothing is wrong and that “Joe is working hard to save America from the fascist state created by the GOP.”

Since the incident, Biden has been wheeled around the White House in his classic aviator sunglasses and while he has not said any words out loud, he has high fived and waved at numerous people. Why he may be wearing sunglasses indoors is still yet to be known, however, media outlets have been told that if they ask or mention of this is in any way as a “Weekend at Biden’s” type of situation they would be censored, shut down and declared a fascist news source bent on nothing less than the destruction of American democracy. President Biden is really cementing himself as a modern progressive icon and a second FDR!

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