The mid-semester slump.


Claire Kunzier, Editor 

The mid-semester slump is a thing, and I am suffering from it. The month of March, right before everything warms up weather wise and midterms slap you across the face, students tend to mentally and physically hit a bump in their energy levels, causing a slump. The pandemic hasn’t made this slump any better, if anything, it’s elongated the slump from two weeks to a whole month or longer. This, on top of seasonal depression, sucks! But there are things that I do to help push through my mid-semester slump. Feel free to try them out!

Online shopping (or just browsing)

By online shopping, I am creating something to look forward to, literally. Whether it’s a cooler for your 21 summer or a new video game or whatever you want, if it makes you happy and gives you something to look forward to, do it. 

Go shopping or browsing 

Being in a pandemic limits our socialization by a whole lot more compared to pre-pandemic, so leave your house and go walk around the grocery store for 20 minutes. You can pick up a craft or something to make while you’re there, but leave your house and make yourself change out of your pjs.

Bring back the quarantine walks 

With friends and family or alone, go for a walk, stretch your legs, get some fresh air for five minutes or three hours. You can even just go outside and sit in the sun and breathe some fresh air. 

The whole thing about the mid-semester slump is you’ve gotten stuck in the same spot, so make yourself do something else. I am the first person to not want to do anything, but by doing things to make myself move or give myself something to look forward to it makes the slump go away faster. Just think, it’ll be summer soon enough. 

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