“That’s Cringe” is always funny.


Claire Kunzier, Editor 

The alternative universe David Dobirk, Cody Ko is, personally, a YouTube god. His content in general is always great, but his “That’s Cringe” series with Noel Miller and or his girlfriend Kelsey Kreppel is always spot-on, real humor. Basically, they react to videos or posts that are cringy and make fun of them frame by frame. This has been my humor for the past month and I wouldn’t want it any other way. The one everyone should watch is “That’s Cringe: You” which is about a weird couple of two months acting as if they are soulmates who found one another at WHOLE FOODS. Some other good ones are “Vape Hotbox” and “Girl Defined” in the sense that they are absurdly funny on their own and just as funny with the commentary. IDK if you need anything to watch highly suggest it, especially if you are not easily offended. 

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