SKAM: an underappreciated show


Claire Kunzier, Editor

In June of 2015, the Norwegian TV show “SKAM” aired and lowkey took the world by storm. Americans, as well as other countries, couldn’t watch the show anywhere so in the 2015-2016 school year, people had google drives of illegally downloaded episodes in order to watch the Norwegian teen drama. The underground mass streaming of this series was insane for all four seasons and there were multiple remakes in various countries, including America. BUT, I think that the OG “SKAM” deserves better, it deserves more hype. Is it in Norwegian, do you have to read subtitles to understand it, couldn’t you just watch an English show? Yes, yes and yes, but they don’t have the flair that this show has. It tackles sexism, LGBTQ+, sexual assault and many more topics in a way that’s not only tasteful, but mostly realistic. In addition, it’s a female director and producer, which, while not long ago, was not as common in 2015 and still isn’t as common as it should be. You know my sophomore in high school self watched it, got hooked and started to accidentally learn Norwegian. Compared to the American shows most teens watch this is a major step up and we should all watch it and wish we were Norwegian as well as friends with these characters. I’m not saying to illegally stream this show, but you should attempt to watch it at some point in your life because it’s good. *WHISPERS* If you email me I’ll send you the links *WHISPERS*. What’s your fave teen show? 

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