Valentine’s Day is probably the worst holiday.


Claire Kunizer, Editor 

Chocolate, flowers and gross couples showing ten times the PDA they normally do. Sounds a lot like Valentines day, the holiday where some couples show just how single everyone else is. While the sales and deals as well as the massive Feb.15 chocolate sale at grocery stores are definitely perks, we as a society should look at this holiday for what it truly is: stupid. First off, it’s just a ploy to make rich people richer and single people feel worse about themselves. The pressure to buy your significant others at least flowers and or chocolate is so immense that it’s worth all the jacked up prices. All the single people have no one to buy them expensive chocolate, so they make their friends do a galentine’s day party or present swap and spend money on one another. Second, couples get extra gross and obnoxious about the fact that they’re a couple and its Valentine’s Day. Nasty. Normal couples just get their partner a present, maybe do a nice dinner and keep it low key, but there are those couples, you know the ones, that ruin it for everyone. They post everything they do on social media to prove that they aren’t alone for this stupid holiday AND that their relationship is the best. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOU KISS IN A BOOMERANG ON YOUR INSTA STORY IN FRONT OF A SHIT TON OF CANDLES. That’s a fire hazard. Basically, a holiday where a naked, fat baby flies around and shoots people with arrows making them fall madly in love. BULL SHIT. Anyway, I’m free Feb. 14 if anyone else is free on Feb. 14 and wants to do anything on Feb. 14. 

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