Why do people expose themselves on Snapchat?


Claire Kunzier, Editor

February 3, 2021

We are in a global pandemic in an individualistic leaning country, shoutout COM 220, which means people are still doing what they want and preventing us from getting out of the pandemic. To break it down for you, people don’t like being told what to do in America, so people aren’t wearing masks or social distancing and only staying within their bubble. What I can’t wrap my head around are the people that publicly share about their lack of caring for others by posting on Snapchat and Instagram basically saying “F**k you” to everyone else doing what everyone needs to do in order for things to get back to pre pandemic life. It’s one thing to just do it and have no one know, but posting a five minute long video of you in a frat basement with a shit ton of other people not wearing masks or socially distancing is one way to live life. Yeah so if anyone who’s doing that wants to let me know why they can email me and we can discuss how you’re an asshole or you can take me indirectly calling you an asshole in this article to heart and stop. Don’t just stop the posting, but stop just caring about only yourself and wear a mask and stop partying oh and realize that every person that sees what you post is trying really hard not to slide up and verbally assault you because of how stupid and selfish you are. Yeah so, call your mom and let them know that I either called you an asshole indirectly or slide up on someone who posts about not being COVID safe on social media and send them this article.

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