“Bridgerton,” a tasteful way to watch porn with your mom. (Spoiler Alert)


January 27, 2021

Claire Kunzier, Editor

The new Netflix series “Bridgerton,” based off of Julia Quinn’s book series, has topped the streaming charts during the month of January. The first season follows lead character Daphne Bridgerton and her journey to find a husband during her first London season, which basically is when all the rich people move back to London, party and try to get hitched. The series also follows Daphne’s seven siblings’ stories, the Duke of Hastings, her love interest, other rich families such as the Fetherikngtons and, arguably, most importantly Lady Whisldown the gossip magazine terrorizing the rich families of London. Lady Whisldown exposes many people and generally stirs the pot, making this show seem like a “Gossip Girl” period piece. But, while “Bridgerton”  is a period piece, this is no bland Jane Austin book; in true Netflix style, shit’s raunchy and racy. Now, because this is a period piece and normally, as I just spoke about, watchers expecting a nice show to watch with their mom were met with a bear within the first 15 minutes of the first episode. As the show progresses watchers see sex in a bed, on the steps, in the woods, in the library with instrumental Taylor Swift playing in the background, you name it, these characters have probably done it. As someone who watched this with their mom, younger sister and older brother, we skipped through all 18 sexy scenes. This didn’t prevent the awkward conversation my mother decided to have with my 18-year-old sister and my 20-year-old self about protection — a conversation that was sparked by the Duke of Hastings using the “pull out” method to prevent Daphne from becoming pregnant. Watch the series if you want more context cause I’m not giving a play-by-play of the plot. My sister and I have both gone through sex ed in High school; my mom very much late to this conversation and was informed quickly by the two of us. Moral of the story, skip through the sexy scenes if you’re watching it with anyone that will make you uncomfy a.k.a your mom, or you know, just watch it alone. Besides that, I highly suggest watching it for the beauty of the sets, costumes and overall aesthetic along with the great storylines. Ask your mom if she wants to watch it with you and maybe just surprise her with all the sex. 

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