The Rounds feature: zero-waste delivery of everyday essentials


Kylie McGovern, Editor

Header Image: The Rounds

The Rounds is a company focused on delivering everyday essentials in a more sustainable way compared to large corporations like Amazon. Two University of Pennsylvania alumni, Alexander Torrey and Byungwoo Ko, used their skills to develop The Rounds in 2019 and the two now lead a growing company working towards bringing sustainability and convenience to cities across the United States.

The Rounds’s goal is to be a local type of delivery that delivers low-waste household, personal care, pantry, baby and pet items right to your door. Their website explains that “The Rounds is a zero-waste refill and delivery service for the stuff you use every day. We keep your kitchen, bathroom and vanity stocked with local favorites and sustainable basics.” These essentials are delivered to doorsteps via e-bikes — just one of the ways The Rounds reduces their carbon footprint. 

The Rounds launched in Center City, Philadelphia, but has since expanded to surrounding neighborhoods like Fairmount, Fishtown, Graduate Hospital, Queen Village, Manayunk, Chestnut Hill and Germantown. In addition, The Rounds is expanding to Washington, D.C., and is preparing to launch in Miami soon. The sustainable company is already seeing environmentally positive results because the neighborhoods have experienced a reduction in trash since using the service. The Rounds estimates that its members will save an average of 50 pounds of package waste from their homes each year.

The Rounds boasts their environmentally-conscious message by using zero-waste packaging, including reusable containers and bags. Customers can leave their empties on their doorsteps and The Rounds swaps them out for new ones. The company explains that this model is like the modern day milkman, but for all essential goods. As for the actual products, The Rounds partners directly with manufacturers and local businesses to give their customers the highest quality, most sustainable staples. 

The rounds utilizes a membership business model, so there are no delivery fees and the weekly refills are included with your membership, which is $5.95 a month. With a membership customers get access to:

Truly free delivery and no order minimums

Overall, The Rounds is a step into the future of environmentally-conscious consumerism and was begun by our fellow Philadelphian students. Their success shows your passion can turn into a business idea or, better yet, a business idea that will help the local and global communities someday.