Review: “Review: ‘Review: The Rehearsal Season One’ by Anthony Pantalone” by Ethan McGlone” by Anthony Pantalone


Anthony Pantalone, Editor 

via IMDb

Ethan McGlone is an intelligent man, but he gives me way too much credit. I think he should actually give himself more credit. I am truly flattered, but I am way too braindead to be rewarded by his kind words.

Ethan compliments my opening, where I state that anxiety is a prison, and says that he had never considered it in connection to this show. What Ethan doesn’t know is that I am throwing things at the wall in these articles and praying to God that something sticks. I was trying to grasp what the show could possibly be trying to convey and mean below the surface, but honestly, the key takeaway of The Rehearsal could just in fact be “Haha, Nathan guy funny. Good show.” I am taking myself way too seriously talking about a show that includes the statement “Whoa, it’s door city over here.” Also, I have never enrolled in “Love, Marriage, and Parenting,” but I wish I could engage in such courses. My understanding of Mr. Fielder and his idiosyncrasies leave a lot to be desired without the knowledge Mr. McGlone might have gained from these classes.

This review of my review also mentions my mention of Charlie Kaufman and Synecdoche, New York. Ethan is not entirely alone on his point. I don’t really know exactly what Synecdoche means. I remember learning it in high school, but too much time has passed since and I’ve forgotten its meaning and asking now would just be embarrassing. I’m not entirely sure why I included Kaufman. It seemed right? I don’t know. It also makes me feel like I’m coming off as pretentious and snobby. I’ll outsource this one to my therapist.

I agree with him about The Fielder Method.” It’s perfect. It gets so invasive, but you can’t stop watching. You can’t take your eyes off it like watching a train crash in real time. Instead of a train, it’s a tall socially awkward man, and, instead of going off the rails, this train is breaking into an actor’s home and living as him.

In summation, I am at most a pseudo-intellectual and not a competent human.

Review of his review of my review: 4 stars out of 5.

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