Explore Career Options with the Explorer Shadow Program at La Salle University 


Keri Marable, Staff

La Salle University offers many resources for career skill building and tries to position its students to be ready to enter the job field of their choice. One program strives to connect students with alumni or other professionals in the student’s field and gives them an opportunity to “shadow” professionals during a typical day of their work. Previous job shadow employers host partner companies, including the Eagles, Comcast, the Phillies, CBS, Penn Medicine, and more.

The Explorer Shadow Program takes place over winter break or a mutually convenient date for both the student and the host by Feb. 28th, 2023. Students get to network with professionals in their host’s workplace for a day, as well as observe, participate, and learn about the industry, the host’s role, and the organization. They receive a behind-the-scenes look at what professionals  in their field do and where they work by “shadowing” the host through a typical day’s activities. The day might include touring the office or place of business, meeting other staff members who work in distinct roles at the company, observing meetings, and working on small projects. A job shadow is also an ideal time to ask questions or get expertise and career advice.

Offered since the 2017-2018 school year, the program has served 260 students with Job Shadow matches. All students are eligible to take part in the Explorer Shadow Program at La Salle University. The Career Center recommends this program for students who are undecided about their career goals to explore options, students who are clarifying different options they are interested in, and students who know what field they want to go into and are ready to jump in. Students can participate in multiple sessions by reapplying and completing orientation each year. Students are expected to supply their own transportation to the job shadow site. The host of their organization will cover the cost of lunch.

The Student Program Contact, Noelle Stueck, believes this program can benefit any student at La Salle in a multitude of ways: “Explore a career field of interest, without the commitment of an internship, gain first-hand knowledge of a real work environment and on-the-job etiquette. Uncover opportunities for future careers. Connect directly with your host (an alumnus and/or other professional), who can serve as an excellent resource for career, job, and internship advice.”

Noelle recommends that students “come prepared with questions about the job, career field, the company, etc. in order to get the full experience of what the host does behind the scenes on a day-to-day basis.” She also highlights the importance of being able to enroll in the program each year: “Students have been able to see if the career they are interested in is the right path for them or create a contact and mentor from alumni to engage with about their future career path.” She adds that “the more involvement and growth this program has, the more likely it can expand into an every semester program where students can have multiple shadow experiences a year. It is an easy opportunity to gain experience in your field of interest and to continue building your resume.”

The application for the program is included on their online Canvas course. Students can enroll in the Explorer Shadow Program Canvas course at   https://lasalle.instructure.com/enroll/MGLEN6. Complete the first two modules of the Explorer Shadow Program Canvas course, including the application and orientation, by Oct. 14th, 2022. Students looking for more information can email the Student Program Contact, Noelle Stueck at stueck@lasalle.edu or the Program’s general email, shadow@lasalle.edu. Students can also stay updated on the program’s social media pages @lasalleuesp on Instagram and Facebook. More information can also be found on the La Salle University website at https://www.lasalle.edu/student-life/career-center/current-students-2/explorer-shadow-program/

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