Bagel Reviews with Luke and Claire: Pauline’s: Old Reliable (Except On Sunday)


Luke Szyszkiewicz and Claire Ortiz, Staff Writers

Welcome back to Bagel Reviews with Luke and Claire! Today, we’ll be reviewing Paulines! But actually, only Claire will be reviewing Pauline’s, as she got a bagel, I did not. 

As always, she ordered a sausage egg and cheese on a plain bagel. They don’t have poppy bagels, a strike against them. She really enjoyed it! We always enjoy Pauline’s. Although I didn’t order a bagel, and therefore my review doesn’t matter for this place, the Breakfast Crunchwrap was incredible. My personal favorite on the menu, and what I would recommend to anyone. 

Although this is a shorter review, that does not mean we hated it. We love Pauline’s, everyone does. Overall, a rating of 3/5 Gritty’s would be the verdict, and its locality to La Salle makes it the most popular spot for student’s to get their breakfast sandwich fix on Saturday mornings.

via Claire Ortiz

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