The Nonprofit Center at La Salle University Offers Students Discounted Rates on Certificate Programs 


Keri Marable, Staff

La Salle University’s well-renowned Nonprofit Center is a hidden gem amongst the students at La Salle. Despite being a beacon in the professional world of nonprofits in the Greater Philadelphia area and beyond since 1981, the students at La Salle know little about the Nonprofit Center, its offerings, and discounted rates for students.  

According to their website, the mission of the Nonprofit Center at La Salle University is “to build the capacity of the nonprofit sector.” While their primary focus has been the Greater Philadelphia region, they have a reputation in nonprofits throughout the country. 

The Nonprofit Center strives to enhance the “management, operations, and governance of nonprofit organization” through services including educational programs, consulting, leadership development and information sharing, with “the ultimate goal of enabling nonprofits to meet fully the needs of their communities.”

In accordance with their mission, the Nonprofit Center offers educational courses and certification programs. These certification programs include a certificate in Nonprofit Management and a certificate in Fundraising. Professionals can receive discounted certificate package prices by becoming a member of the Nonprofit Center. Undergraduate and graduate students receive a larger discounted rate on courses and certification programs. 

The Nonprofit Center’s web page on the Certificate in Nonprofit Management says it “provides…a diverse and well-balanced knowledge of nonprofit administration and operation.” The broad curriculum looks at the entire nonprofit ecosystem as a whole and in its individual components including board development, communications, financial management, fundraising, human resources, supervision, program evaluation, and strategic planning. The certification program aims to prepare “the leaders of our region’s nonprofit sector to be strategic, efficient and effective,” as stated on their webpage. 

They are offering the certificate in their traditional format (ten, full-day, in-person*, week day classes), as well as the option of online classes, both as a full-day and as evening sessions during the 2022-23 session. Participants can pick and choose from these options to complete the certificate over 5 months, 8 months or the 3 years given to attend all the classes. The center will also continue their partnership with Bucks County Community College, who will offer classes in a full-day and in-person option. The Nonprofit Center recommends this program to new executive directors, senior management on the leadership track, or anyone in the nonprofit sector looking to refresh their skills. 

The Nonprofit Center’s website describes the Certificate in Fundraising as being designed for anyone who wants to advance in the field of fundraising, even if they have no formal training in fundraising, but seek instruction in the basic skills and methods of resource development. 

The courses in this certificate provide a “foundation in the critical fundamentals of fundraising” and a continuation of “skills development in all the key areas of resource development.” The Nonprofit Center webpage on the Certificate in Fundraising says the program also gives participants a “strong grounding in the concepts, trends and practices that guide successful and ethical fundraising.” 

The courses needed to complete the program look at the importance of a strong mission, program strategy, management practices, and board and staff leadership in the more introductory classes, while the advanced courses focus on the major fundraising vehicles, where participants gain practical knowledge that will enable them to design and execute each activity. 

The Nonprofit Center recommends this certificate program to executive directors and board members looking to “gain increased confidence and knowledge to support their essential roles as fundraisers for their causes”. The 2022-23 session of the Certificate of Fundraising is offered fully online.

While directed at professionals working in the nonprofit sector, with discounts for those who become members of the Nonprofit Center, the courses and certifications are available to undergraduate and graduate students at discounted rates as well.  

The cost per course for undergraduate students is $20, and when paid for as a package, $200. They discounted the programs for graduate students as well, 50% off their member rate, costing $77.50 per course, $775 as a package. This compares greatly to $1,850, the total cost of the courses needed to complete a certification program for a non-member, as well as $1,395, the discounted rate for members, or even the program package rate, when the price for members drops to $1,188. Undergraduate and graduate students at La Salle can take advantage of these discounted rates and receive Certificates in Nonprofit Management or Fundraising while getting their degree.

To learn more about the Nonprofit Center, please visit

To learn more about the Certificate Program in Nonprofit Management, please visit

To learn more about the Certificate Program in Fundraising, please visit

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