Bagel Reviews with Luke and Claire


Luke Szyszkiewicz and Claire Ortiz, Staff Writers

via Philly Style Bagels FaceBook Page

In a new series for the Collegian, Claire and I look to peruse and rank the BEST bagel places in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Why bagels do you ask? I just really enjoy bagels. Top tier breakfast food. 

Today, we visited Philly Style Bagels in Fishtown. A measly 45-minute train commute to Fishtown brought us to this small hole in the wall bagel place. Now, keep in mind I only rate things in terms of Gritties, the wackiest Philadelphia mascot. Back to bagels. As always, I ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese on a toasted everything bagel. Simply my favorite. Claire, begrudgingly, also ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese, due to it being the only type of breakfast sandwich on the menu. MAJOR red flag. 

The first thing we noticed about these bagels was the size of them, and not in a good way. These had to be the smallest bagels in the history of bagels. They were nice and doughy though, with a nice crust. Props for that. The next issue that arose was the filling of the breakfast sandwich. An exact quote describing it:

“You know the square scrambled eggs you would get at a high school cafeteria?”-Claire

Lots of issues with this bagel place. Not much to rank positively in this list, but it did just enough to avoid the bottom of the barrel ranking. We would give it 2/5 Gritties.

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