Lacrosse wins game in triple overtime


Enrique Carrasco, Editor 

La Salle Lacrosse

On Feb. 19, the La Salle lacrosse team faced off against 2-0 Mt. St. Mary’s in their second game of the season. Although the snow was falling and the wind was blowing, the squad pushed through and came out on top over The Mount. 

The Explorers were off to a hot start with sophomore Maddie Henderson putting the Explorers up to a 2-1 lead. Shortly after, sophomore midfielder Claudia Steinmetz managed to find the back of the net, putting the Explorers up 3-1. Shortly before the quarter ended, The Mount was able to go on a 2-0 run to end the quarter 3-3. The second quarter saw numerous defensive stops on both sides of the game, with both teams only scoring two goals each, ending the half at a 5-5 tie. 

Going into the third quarter, the Explorers were able to continue their defensive streak, only allowing one goal from Mt. St. Mary’s. Henderson was able to complete her hat trick, scoring her third goal of the game, and  a goal was scored by Kiki Venza, her third in the season. The Explorers ended the third quarter with a 7-6 lead over The Mount. In the start of the final quarter, each team went on a 2-0 run, with senior Erin Welsh scoring the equalizer, and eventually scoring the team’s last goal of regulation. With five minutes left in the game, Mt. St. Mary was able to score a tying goal, which eventually led the game into overtime. During overtime, both teams were able to show their defensive skills, with neither team scoring a single goal in the first two quarters of overtime. Heading into triple overtime, senior midfielder Emily Johnston scored the golden goal, giving the squad a 10-9 win. 

The Explorers were able to show what they are capable of during this game. The La Salle defense was able to constantly stop the Mt. St. Mary’s offense time and time again, and managed to keep a hold on their lead for most of the game. After winning several dropped balls, as well as several face-offs, the defense was not only able to keep the Mountaineer offense at bay but also managed to take the ball off of their hands in crucial points during the game.  On the offensive side, the Explorers were able to maintain their momentum during the game. With help from Senior Attacker Kiki Venza, Sophomore Maddie Henderson, and Sophomore Claudia Steinmetz at the forefront of the La Salle offense, the squad seems to be unstoppable against any defense that they ultimately have to face. Ultimately, the squad looks like a highly capable and talented team, and if the first two games of the season have been any indication of what is to come, then many more interesting games are to come to 20th and Olney.

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