Lacrosse starts season with a comeback win


Enrique Carrasco, Editor

Header Image: goexplorers

On Sat. Feb. 12, the Lacrosse team took the field at McCarthy stadium to begin their 2022 season. The Explorers faced off against the Iona Gaels for their season/home opener game. The Explorers, hoping to overcome their record in the previous season, set out onto the field determined to win.

Two minutes and twenty-five seconds into the game though, Iona scored the first of many goals, putting them at an early advantage over the explorers. Despite this, minutes later, senior attacker Kiki Venza, found the back of the net in an offensive drive from the Explorers, equalizing the game at 1-1. Thanks to goals from junior Tori Rolon and sophomore Claudia Steinmetz, the Explorers were able to take the lead over the Gaels. Despite this, Iona was able to go on their own 3-0 run, only stopping with another goal from Rolon, ending the quarter at 4-4. The Explorers started the second quarter full of energy, and with help from sophomore Mackenzie Click and once again Rolon, the explorers were able to start the quarter with a 2-0 run. Despite this, the Explorer defense was unable to stop the Gael offense, and allowed two more goals before the end of the half, tying the game at 6-6.

The Gaels seemed like a completely different team at the start of the second half, and it was obvious they carried all of the momentum with them. With just 29 seconds into the quarter, the Gales were able to score on the Explorers, putting them up 7-6. Yet, after a perfectly placed pass and shot from the Explorers, as well as a defensive stop, the Explorers were able to retake the lead from Iona, 8-7. Towards the end of the quarter, the Gaels were able to go on a 6-3 run against the Explorers that continued in the last quarter of the game. This would inevitably be the last goals to come from Iona, as La Salle’s defense and offense dominated for the rest of the game. In the final 12:55 of play, the Defense was able to keep Iona scoreless. With 6:56 left in the play clock, the Explorers were able to take the lead 14-13, and secured the win at home.

While the team was able to secure the win, it was not without its issues. The squad was off to a slow start, both defensively and offensively. While both sides of the team were able to pick up speed and momentum, the lack of subs, as well as the season-ending injury senior midfielder Madison Hamilton suffered in the offseason were seen throughout the entire game. Despite this, the team was able to impressively rally back, and start the season with a win. If this home opener is any indication of what is to come, this will be an interesting and exciting season of Lacrosse at McCarthy stadium. Next up, the Explorers face off against Mount St. Mary’s for their second home game of the season. 

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