The semester should end before Thanksgiving


Kylie McGovern, Editor 

Usually, if someone asks me about last fall semester, I will just groan about how much I hated Zoom. Although I despised an entirely online format last year, I loved the expedited semester that finished before Thanksgiving. I wish that this year we could have come to school two weeks earlier in August and began the semester two weeks sooner so that we could have finished classes and finals before Thanksgiving break, because my motivation at the end of this semester is at approximately zero.

A longer winter break that includes both Thanksgiving and the normally scheduled winter break would also give students the opportunity to perhaps work an internship, make some money, or just have uninterrupted rest.

In complaining to my friends about my lack of focus after the break, we can conclude that Thanksgiving break is a tease. The nice restful time spent with family to the jump to the end of semester assignments and finals has been brutal.

 If anyone has seen me attempt to do homework, my motivation is certainly sub-par. The other day I was writing a paper and had to listen to Cardi B’s “Money” to hopefully regain some focus to complete my work. If we had an expedited semester, the format would prevent Thanksgiving break from interrupting our motivation. In terms of other breaks, we already have fall break, which is a shorter and necessary break midway through the semester.

In conclusion, I support bringing back the expedited semester from last year. I would be happy to come to school two weeks early if that meant finishing two weeks early as well.

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