Nicki Minaj featured on a new song that has a “Little Mix” of drama


Claire Kunzier, Editor

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The era of 2014 girl groups continues to crumble as former “Little Mix” member Jesy Nelson released her first solo track after leaving the group. Featuring Nicki Minaj, “Boyz” has reached Twitter fame due to the controversy surrounding Jesy singularly and her beef with her former band mates Pierre, Leigh-Anne and Jade. The song itself is not a slap nor a banger, although you could say its hits a little because of Nicki. Drama surrounds this song, particularly involving Jesy’s music video.

Jesy, a white British woman, is being accused of blackfishing due to the fact that her skin tone matches and in some instances is darker than Nicki’s, who is indeed a Black woman. Some of this distaste comes from “Little Mix” fans who just want to ruin Jesy’s career, very similar to the “Fifth Harmony” Camila Cabello situation, but also the genuine increase in white women tanning their skin to the point where they appear to be Black. While Nicki herself finds no issues as stated within this Tweet, “Jesy! We got all these #Jelly btchs actin real MESSY!!!!! Stop it miss gorl going live in one hour on IG to get into sum thangz,” there is still a large population of Twitter trying to start beef.

As referenced earlier, there is also just “Little Mix” deep rooted drama stemming from the other allegations of Jesy being a toxic member within the group. During her time in the girl group, Jesy has been accused of being a bully to her fellow members, specifically about their struggles with eating disorders, as well as being racist. I am talking about the vine of hers, please check it out.

Overall, the issue with Jesy is with her blackfishing as well as the accusations from her former bandmates. We are watching the demise of the final early 2010s girl bands as well as the recognition that sometimes tanning can become more than excessive.

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