The story of Malik Mitchell, ‘17 and Kool Vibe Sports

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Elizabeth McLaughlin, Editor

Malik Mitchell

Malik Mitchell, ‘17 started his own sports marketing agency earlier this year and prides himself on providing high quality services to every one of his clients.

Jan. 8, 2021 was an important day for La Salle alumni Malik Mitchell: it was the day he officially started his business, Kool Vibe Sports (KVS). In nine months, Mitchell and his associates at KVS have grown to offer top-of-the-line sports marketing services to clients such as Zech McPhearson and Milton Williams of the Philadelphia Eagles and Sandro Platzgummer of the New York Giants, to name a few. Mitchell prides himself on being attuned to his clients’ needs, offering services such as contract negotiations, endorsement deals, media relations and more. He even recently helped one of his clients move to another apartment — a testament to how much he cares. Mitchell states that he and his team at KVS tirelessly work toward “maximizing client earnings and empowering athletes to own their talent on and off the field. He does all of this while working full time for South Jersey Gas in their marketing department. 

Mitchell graduated from La Salle in 2017 with a degree in marketing. After graduation, Mitchell often communicated with one of his high school friends, Eli Apple, a cornerback for the Cincinnati Bengals. Apple and Mitchell would often discuss marketing opportunities for Apple to continue to build his brand. Mitchell realized: he was this football player’s go-to man for marketing advice, so he put those skills to use in the professional field. Fast forward a few years, and Mitchell founded Kool Vibe Sports, where he handles all off-field marketing and advises his clients, just as he did for his old friend, Eli.

He does this with the help of two crucial elements: passion and a dedicated team. Mitchell played football for more than ten years and brings that passion for the sport to his business, day-in and day-out. After graduation, Mitchell went on to create his own social media marketing company, “Malik Mitchell Marketing,” with clients ranging from a pharmaceutical firm to a barber shop. His Lasallian education coupled with his on-the-job training in social media marketing allow him to deliver an unparalleled experience to his clients throughout their career. His passion for sports combined with his know-how of marketing make him a valuable player within the field of sports marketing.

Mitchell isn’t the only La Salle alumni with a passion for sports marketing. Adam (A.C.) Bartley, ‘15, Brandon Rowe, ‘17, Jauwan Marant, ‘17, and Kathlyn Martin, ‘17, are also alumni of the La Salle marketing and communication programs, and all currently work alongside their good friend Mitchell at KVS. Mitchell, Rowe, Bartley and Marant all met within their first few weeks as La Salle students and immediately bonded over their shared interests and ambitions. Mitchell and Martin are college sweethearts and got married right after college. Mitchell had a vision for his business and his team helps him make this vision a reality by bringing their unique skills to the table. 

After graduation, Bartley worked as a financial analyst and continually brings his go-getter mentality to every business venture at KVS. Rowe’s photography skills help him provide creative direction to their clients. Overall, all the employees at KVS share Mitchell’s vision of providing high quality sports marketing services to each and every one of their clients.

One of the greatest things about starting your own business is that “you could work for yourself for the rest of your life,” said Mitchell. But being your own boss comes with hours of hard work, planning and perseverance, according to Mitchell. When he’s not working full time at South Jersey Gas, Mitchell is thinking about ways he can enhance the quality of service he provides to his clients. 

His advice to those interested in starting their own business? Create a plan. Set goals for yourself and outline the objectives that will ensure you accomplish those goals. It’s also important to measure your success along the way. Mitchell only officially started KVS in January of this year, but his diligence with measuring his success every step along the way is part of the reason why KVS has grown so much in such a short period of time. Working for yourself and with your friends is a great thing, and it comes with lots of planning and hard work.

Channeling your passion, building a great team and spending time to develop a comprehensive business plan are just three key elements of starting your own business. For Mitchell, it is also important to remember where he came from. He cites his parents as his mentors; as shining examples of the power of hard work, dedication and love. He also recalls his time spent in LA with his good friend Eli Apple, who showed him that he has a knack for sports marketing. He maintains close relationships with his friends and colleagues he met during his time at La Salle. With all this in mind, Malik Mitchell is dedicated to growing his business and providing top quality services to his clients.

This Lasallian alumnus is making a name for himself in the field of sports management and marketing, and he encourages readers interested in what he does to reach out at If you are interested in sports marketing, don’t hesitate to connect with Mitchell — he would love to help out his fellow Lasallians, and his insight is truly invaluable.

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