Women’s golf paves way for a successful season


Samantha Boyes, Staff

La Salle Golf

As the first few days of fall kick-off here at La Salle University, women’s golf did not disappoint with their opening tournament at Bucknell University. The six women took the two-day event at Lewisburg by storm coming in eighth out of the eleven teams competing this weekend. 

On Saturday, sophomore Kayleigh Zeman started the Explorers off strong when she placed 13th out of 68 athletes shooting during the first round. Zeman happily scored her all-time best with a 76 (+6). Alongside Zeman, sophomore Hannah Basler also led the women’s team to success with a score of 83 (+13). During the second round, Basler boosted her score to an 81(+11) during the second outing. After a long day at the Bucknell Golf Club, the women’s team was ready for day two. 

Sunday also has some great competition from the Explorers as the team shot 322. Again, Basler led the way for the women shooting 76 (+6) tying for 23rd place. Not only is that another personal best for Hannah, but it was also a tremendous jump in the ranks by 12 spots, but that’s not the only good news. Zeman tied for 27th (only a couple of spots behind Basler). Best scores were all around this weekend because senior Grace Hickey shot a new score of 84 (+14). The women ended the day in eighth place, an extreme improvement from the previous day.

It was a wonderful job all around from the Lady Explorers. When speaking to Hannah Basler, she said, “The team was feeling really positive. We performed way better as a team than we were expecting, and it was encouraging to start seeing part of the potential of the young team.” Let’s hope Basler carries her optimism for not only the rest of the season but especially for next weekend when the team travels to Annapolis for the Navy Fall Invitational.

Hannah Basler was also nominated for this week’s Explorer of the Week, so go vote!

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