La Salle TV feature: “SportsLine” — Sept. 16, 2021


La Salle TV presents “SportsLine” Season 24 Episode 1

Click below to watch this week’s episode of “SportsLine.”

Hosts: Siobhan Nolan, Tyler Small
Producers: Isaiah Clark, Siobhan Nolan, Tyler Small, Jamie Smith, Myles Williams
Writers: Isaiah Clark, Siobhan Nolan, Jamie Smith, Sam Long, Tyler Small, Myles Williams
Director: Isaiah Clark
Technical Director: Isaiah Clark
Audio: Tonya Ellis
Teleprompter: Aidan Tyksinski
Graphics: Isaiah Clark
Video: Mike Holden
Floor Director: Sam Long
– ©La Salle TV — SportsLine 2021

Thank you to our friends at La Salle TV for partnering with the Collegian to present “SportsLine.” Check back regularly for new episodes here and on La Salle TV’s YouTube channel.

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