The importance of #FreeBritney


Damien Allison, Staff

Britney Spears has been an icon in the music industry for numerous years, inspiring endless individuals with her music, style and personality. But with fame also comes torture, especially in the perspective of the Spears family. Spears was the girl-next-door in the early 2000s — everywhere you turned, you would see her face somewhere. But Spears was always receiving backlash in the tabloids everywhere she went. At a certain point, the tabloids were getting the best of her and her mental state was declining at a steady rate. It is at this point, in 2007, that Spears reached her breaking point. She suffered from a psychiatric breakdown, shaving her head and chasing paparazzi with an umbrella. No one took her mental illness seriously and just belittled her to the point of a breakdown, which is horrendous. After the breakdown, it got to the point in which  Spears’ father took conservatorship of her finances since she was found to be unable to do it herself. It is this concept of conservatorship that her father took from her that still weighs heavy in today’s press. From the years after the conservatorship, Spears had many obstacles throughout her career that influence much of her music. She was not allowed to make her own decisions at all and it played a major role in her mental health. Years after the conservatorship, Spears has cleaned up her act, but still for some reason her father, Jamie Spears, still holds this conservatorship. Britney Spears is a profound celebrity with much recognition through the years of the music industry, but her father does not see it that way at all and refuses to give up the conservatorship. Many fans have witnessed her unfamiliar behavior on videos that have surfaced on TikTok, which is a reason why the #FreeBritney movement has gained such a following.

Laura Newberry, Los Angeles Times

Supporters of Britney Spears want an end to the conservatorship her father, Jamie Spears, has over her finances.

There has also been an increase in conspiracy theories about the #FreeBritney movement. Many fans would comment asking if she was okay, and to wear yellow in her next video if she was not. And you better believe that in her next video, Britney Spears wore yellow, making fans hysterical, believing she was truly in trouble. Many fans believe that she has been trapped and cannot control her own life because of her father and believe it to be taking a serious toll on her mental health. These reasons have fans believing that Spears is being held against her will and being forced to do things. Many fans believe if she has the ability to uphold a successful music career and be a loving mother, she is more than capable of handling her personal affairs and does not have to have her father in charge of everything.

After all these years with this icon, there has been so much talk about her in recent days, especially with a new documentary coming out about her and the struggles she faces in her career. There also has been much talk revolving around the conservatorship of Spears following the trial on Thurs., Feb. 11. There was no clear conclusion of the trial, but the conservatorship still is held in favor of her father, leaving room for trials to come later on in the future.

Spears has been such a role model for individuals facing mental illness and everything in between that the best we can do for her is stand up and fight against this conservatorship against her. Because at the end of the day, all the fans want the same — we want the best for Spears, which is the whole idea behind the #FreeBritney movement. If you agree with #FreeBritney then spread the word or tweet something and look out for petitions to remove conservatorship from her father and hand it over to her; it’s what she deserves.

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