Featuring Poetry: “Those Eyes”


“Those Eyes”

You learn a lot about somebody, 

Just by looking in their eyes.

You can nearly see the entirety of their life,

Through saucers in disguise.

You see the love, 

You see the loss, 

But most importantly—

Eyes CANNOT conceal lies. 

It’s a beautiful thing really, 

When you stare into the right eyes.

Those Eyes. 

You never forget them. 

They are one of a kind, 

A needle in a haystack, 

Far and wide in between, 

And yet they are always seen. 

And no one even realizes that they are those eyes

Nobody that is but you of course. 

So, what are you left with? 

Well, it’s complicated to be truthful, 

And the only time you ever feel full,

Is in those eyes.

But without those eyes, you lose the full, 

So, you’re just left with the truth. 

And what is the truth? 

Depends on whose eyes you look in for it. 

As for you, 

You’ve lost your light, 

You don’t see your spark, 

When you look into your own eyes, 

You’re left in the dark. 

You’re lost in an abyss, 

Some might consider that bliss. 

But you wonder if others see your hollowness. 

Do your eyes put up a good enough façade? 

But that’s the thing—

Eyes CANNOT conceal lies.

Even for you dear, 

Even after all your tries, 

The truth is a funny concept even your eyes couldn’t hide. 

But that all comes to an end, 

When I find those eyes

One day I’ll find what I see in those eyes,

In mine. 


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